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Thank you for visiting this section of our site, we hope you are here because you are looking for a change! If that is the case then first and foremost we would like to you to consider the following points before you read on. 

Do you think things could be done better in your School?

Have you avoided change because of financial constraints?

Does your current IT support company regularly review your needs ?


Brindley Data Services have worked in partnership with Schools successfully for 15yrs - we have learnt a lot and it's given us a greater level of understanding of the issues Schools face all the time. This knowledge directly benefits every school we work with and can immediately make a difference to your School too.


Our experience

has taught us, one system does not "fit all" and all school budgets are not the same.


Our attitude

is simple "Always look at the solution, not the problem and focus on what will give results".


Our approach

is to keep our solution "Smart".


Our results

are a better level of support advice than you have ever had before!



Easy to Use


Access the same suite of software using a Web Browser, Mobile Device or Computer




Our core infrastructure comes "Free" to Schools and includes a School Email Address and Unlimited Cloud Storage




Windows | Apple | Android | ChromeOS




Work independently or collaboratively within the same     systems and frameworks, you can work anywhere      easily & securely 


Fully GDPR Compliant



Why choose us?




We have over 15 years real life experience delivering IT services to Primary schools.



Extensive knowledge of past and present technologies



The multiple ways ICT can be integrated into the classroom


ICT Service includes



Service Level Agreements

We offer a range of Service Level Agreements to suit your school's ICT requirement.



Help when you need it most

Pre- Ofsted inspections 




ICT Budget & Procurement

We help you reduce spend and source the best value for your budget 



ICT Planning

Work closely with the ICT coordinator to develop an action plan for the future ICT in the school




For more information and to discuss our services further please contact us on 01928238338